Akoya Greenwich

Boutique vertical community - a city oasis

Where Greenwich, Sydney, NSW, Australia
Value $35m
Client Alceon


  • Timeless design with views of the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge.
  • Deep balconies that offer shelter for the residents’ private open space affording enjoyable sunrise to sunset year-round.
  • Luxury facilities and wellness support

Project objective 

The design of Akoya to reinterpret the classic architectural elements across history. To allow residents to experience the memories of timeless design, while including essential facilities such as a business centre, urban plaza, gym and more. Each level includes vertical gardens bringing nature to balconies. To complete the design, the public plaza echoes Italian piazzas and the hydrotherapy pool features a rooftop in the vein of historic Roman baths.

Client challenge 

To create a true vertical community, which fosters a sense of belonging and purpose for residents in an urban setting together with lifestyle and wellness facilities.

Life3A solution 

Life3A’s evidence-based approach to design incorporates wellbeing strategies into place making and incorporating a connection to nature in the public-private interfaces. This promotes residents’ wellbeing through contact with nature and connectiveness to the broader community.

Exceptional outcome 

The development has become a landmark project in Australia at the forefront of later living vertical communities. It includes an exceptional wellness centre for the residents, a business centre for residents to stay professionally active and a rooftop terrace which gives more space for residents’ enjoyment.

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