Castle Hill RSL Redevelopment

Integrated later living and leisure community

Solution Integrated later living and leisure community
Client Castle Hill RSL Group
Where Sydney, Australia
Value $150m

Project objective 

The Castle Hill RSL Group (CHRL Group) operate a successful hospitality and leisure business that creates places where people can congregate and share positive experiences. The project objective was to deliver a leading later living development that co-exists with their existing community.

To create both a new home for residents and a venue for the greater Sydney community.

Client challenge 

The CHRL Group has an objective to give back to their community and help people live happier, healthier and more connected lives by providing community services and activities, support for veterans, sponsoring youth groups, arts programs and sporting groups. As they evolve as an organisation, they aim to integrate later living choices into their community. The project challenge was to connect the new and existing services into one unified development that all ages and community members can enjoy.

Life3A solution 

The project solution was to create a new vibrant central plaza located at the intersection of the foci uses on the site and provide a link with the new later living precinct. This large, landscaped plaza is the focal point where all users can interact and connect with the community. The purpose is to activate the new plaza with day and night-time events, thereby encouraging residents to interact and become involved with their communities’ interests.

Exceptional outcome

The later living precinct furthers the client’s community goals, while the emphasis on landscaping within the design promotes connections to nature for positive wellbeing outcomes.

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