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Vertical healthcare and lifestyle community

Where Adelaide CBD, Australia
Value $350m
Solution Vertical healthcare and lifestyle community

Project objective 

Develop a world leading vertically integrated health and lifestyle precinct within a vibrant CBD setting. The objective was to balance the multiple uses and ground floor connections across a large site to create a new community that integrates with the existing sense of place. This new community carefully blended all uses and operational needs targeted toward the next generation of resident.

Client challenge 

Developing vertical living in the Adelaide CBD is a challenging proposition however the client viewed this project as an opportunity to focus on the next generation of residents wanting to live in the CBD closer to amenities and services. The challenge was to develop a vertical community that attracts new residents seeking access to incredible on-site lifestyle amenities, retail, food and beverage whilst integrating important medical and allied health facilities to serve the greater community.

Life3A solution 

The solution was to blend the private and public spaces/uses within the development to achieve increased community and resident connections. 

Community is about encouraging visibility, interactions, and activation by designing spaces that are inviting and welcoming for all users, whilst maintaining resident safety.

This project demonstrates Life3As commitment to break down the barriers between public and private spaces to deliver the next generation of mixed use later living developments. A community where residents have a sense of place and can engage.

Exceptional outcome 

Winner of the best retirement village in NSW. Due to the success of stage 1, we were commissioned to design 2 further stages surrounding the site. A ground-breaking project that will contribute to the growing CDB by providing a cohesive mix of public and private uses that will form the benchmark for the next generation of later living projects globally.

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