First building in Springfield Age-Friendly Village

Maker laid down in Springfield age-friendly village

Where Springfield, QLD, Australia
Value $22m
Client Aveo
Solution Built environment design


  • First residential building in the Springfield age-friendly community.
  • 66 independent living apartments, commercial, communal, and lifestyle spaces.
  • Destination environment with distinctive architecture and generous landscaped areas.

Project objective 

The Lee Building is the first residential building in the Springfield age-friendly community. It encompasses 66 independent living apartments, communal spaces, a sales and marketing suite, a café and provision for future retail to activate the streetscape.

Client challenge 

Given the relatively young demographic of Springfield and its surroundings, the challenge was to find the right product mix for potential residents. The site needed to make a statement, providing an urban marker for the village and setting the standard for the subsequent development of the Springfield age-friendly community.

Life3A solution 

The Life3A solution provided the client with various accommodation types, ranging from studios to one, two and three-bedroom apartments. All are designed with age-friendly principles in mind, setting the standard for care, independence, safety, and lifestyle for residents.

Exceptional outcome 

An important component of the first stage of the greater masterplan was the design of the entry statement for the whole village. The design of this element incorporates the site topography and uses soft and hard landscape features to become an urban marker for the entire village. As a result, the building sets the standard for placemaking within the whole community, creating a sense of legibility and familiarity for both the public and residents.

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