Friary Meadow Extra Care Facility

Extra Care Facility set in the Hampshire Countryside

Client Oak Retirement
Where Cartwright Drive, Fareham, Hampshire, UK
Value £22m
Solution Development of a coherent and relevant seniors living development on a green field site


  • Creating a built form that responds to the conservation area and rich historical context, whilst sitting harmoniously into the existing, mature landscape. 
  • Creating a synergy and connecting the different building typologies back to the central amenity space, to create a central hub for the scheme.

Project objective 

To create homely, safe homes that cater for changing health requirements through adaptable spaces that do not feel institutional. Create a sense of place for the scheme, with the central amenity spaces. 

Client challenge 

Life3A undertook the stage 3 & 4 documentation and were tasked with a number of key changes with the existing scheme to align with our later living design principles and to better suit the ageing demographic, whilst still keeping within the original design intent. 

Life3A solution 

With our experience in planning and design we were able to capture the design changes, making the apartments and houses more suitable for adaptation along with a more rationalised amenity area, that provided a clearer connection with the external amenity spaces and legibility of the entrance into the building. 

Exceptional outcome 

Creating a scheme that sits harmoniously within the existing landscaping whilst respecting the local vernacular and delivering a relevant, exciting scheme designed to allow the residents to age in place. 

More information: Stewart Dean

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