Glengara Care

Assisted Care suites and Wellness centre in a retirement village

Where Tumbi Umbi, NSW, Australia
Value $10m AUD
Solution Evidence-based design
Client Retire Australia


Included in The World Alzheimer Report 2020 as a best practice case:

Project objective 

A joint venture between the Chatswood Golf club and Watermark living, the project objective was to develop a contemporary seniors living development and new golf club house that would allow the club to provide it members The development sought to provide accommodation for the existing resident to be able to downsize with a higher level of care within a retirement community as a response to incipient cognitive and physical decline. Social & communal facilities are also proposed to promote social interactions within residents enhancing quality of life & well-being. 

Client challenge 

TThe challenge our client was how to modify the physical environment a retirement village designed for independent seniors impacting care and accommodation offering to be able to cater for the frail residents that were forced to find alternatives outside the village. 

Life3A solution 

The solution was to consolidate the apartment building into a 5 storey building form that follows the natural Using evident-based design and in coordination with the University of Stirling, Life3A assisted our client in a development that has successfully blurred lines between private and public realms to encourage connectivity with the existing village and help retain the social tissue of the community. The sense of belonging was encouraged in the design through finding spaces for play, art and memory through architectural elements.

Exceptional outcome 

The inclusion of this development in The World Alzheimer Report 2020 as part of the 84 good practice case study is a milestone of our journey to combat ageism.

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