Kew Riverside

The development of a new style of dementia and care living in the heart of Kew in London.

What Low care dementia and extra care living
Client Red and Yellow Care
Kew, London. England Kew, London. England
Value £50 million


  • Providing inspirational design solutions against a complex set of site constraints on a riverfront site in Kew. 
  • Creating a new typology of extra care and dementia design and living. 
  • Integrating the ground floor amenity into the local fabric, allowing access for all.
  • Designing dementia specific apartments that are homely and do not look or feel institutional.

Project objective 

To deliver 89, purpose designed dementia specific apartments that allow the residents to feel independent, safe and secure in an inspirational environment. The integration of the ground floor amenity uses with the local community is a key aspect of the objective of the building. This creates and environment that is inclusive, whilst still protecting the resident and providing them with the respective care they require. 

Client challenge 

The challenge was to ensure that the clients and our ageing principles were seamlessly integrated into every aspect of the design, so that the end users’ needs were always at the forefront of every decision we made. This was to be embellished into a design that is joyful, inspirational and homely. 

Life3A solution 

The solution was a building that looks and feels like a set of beautifully appointed homes, in an exceptional setting with easy access and views to the river Thames and Kew village. The design will allow for the residents to age in place safely and with dignity with amenity spaces that will encourage social interactions with family, friends and local residents. 

Exceptional outcome 

The beautifully appointed building sets with poise and confidence in its new surroundings, welcoming visitors and residents. The large landscaped gardens that connect with the amenity areas will encourage through the play areas and planting interest and interaction. The apartments flexibility and ageing better design elements will allow the residents to live confidently and to age in place and face head on the challenges that their changing health needs will bring. 

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