Life3A announces Memorandum of Understanding with National Ageing Research Institute

Life3A is delighted to announce the formalisation of its ongoing collaborative partnership with the National Ageing Research Institute (NARI) in Australia.

Make no mistake, this is a formidable partnership. NARI is an exemplary model of translational and multi-disciplinary research. In our continual quest to deliver exceptional outcomes to our clients, our commitment to research-led innovation has never been stronger. This MOU provides our clients and our team access to some of the best minds and research being undertaken in the ageing space – and to work together to create the future we all want to age in.

Nikki Beckman, Director of Research Life3A

NARI is Australia’s only independent national research institute dedicated to ageing, committed to improving the life and health of older people through research and its translation into evidence-based practice. 

The Institute encompasses clinical research to impact clinical practice and inform policy, health promotion research, service development, and evaluation of health and aged care programs that directly impact on people’s lives, and informs policy. NARI also delivers education and professional training to aged care workers. 

NARI has particular expertise in dementia, falls, mental health, pain and health promotion – such as physical activity and social inclusion – as well as health service evaluation.

This Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) formalises the relationship between Life3A and NARI, which commenced in 2018, and is aimed at strengthening the exchange of knowledge and enquiry between academia and industry to ultimately optimise and improve the design outcomes, lived experiences, and wellbeing of older persons.

The anticipated outcomes of this cooperative partnership, extended to our clients, demonstrates a new frontier in design consultancy services, with the fields of enquiry and subsequent discovery of new or refined knowledge set to transpire across diverse and intersecting themes of operations, socio-spatial, quality of life, technology and care.

This is a really exciting collaboration for NARI, and in many ways reflects the changing nature and make-up of research. Our objective is to improve the overall health and wellbeing of older people, and that includes a focus on better understanding the physical environment and the increasing importance communities play in supporting the wellbeing of older persons as they transition through each stage of later life.

Professor Briony Dow, Executive Director of NARI
Professor Briony Dow, Executive Director of NARI

If you would like to discuss how Life3A and our partners might be able to assist your organisation by curating a tailored research project, or if you think your organisation would be a valuable cooperative partner to Life3A please reach out to our Director of Research, Nikki Beckman

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