Masterplan takes care and service to new levels

Life Care Masterplan for future developments

Where SA
Value $180m
Client Life Care
Solution Masterplanning


  • A complete rethink of how aged care and later living could be delivered to meet future demand and expectations.
  • Masterplan delivered various facilities and a continuum of care across the client’s current and future sites.
  • Contemporary design for residential aged care and seniors’ living based on extensive research into best practice.

Project objective 

The project was based on producing a Masterplan that enabled and facilitated Life Care’s shift in thinking from traditional to new levels of service development, integration, and delivery while identifying and introducing design and development changes to their existing buildings and sites. This would entail providing fresh and contemporary residential aged care and co-located seniors living facilities and amenities that support a continuum of care.

Client challenge 

In response to an ageing demographic, Life Care sought a Masterplan to address this demand across all its sites and evolve its service delivery. This required new solutions for the built environment at new and existing sites, particularly to address the need to offer a variety of facilities to suit customers’ expectations and the growing demand.

Life3A solution

Life Care has undertaken extensive research to understand the needs and desires of the future generation of ageing Adelaide residents. Extensive research in world’s best practices in building design for aged care was also conducted.

Life Care’s Masterplan vision is based on three fundamental beliefs:

  1. That people who are ageing and in need of care should be able to remain in the communities where they have spent most of their lives and close to other family members.
  2. To keep ageing couples as close together as possible, not separating them when one becomes too ill to remain in the home.
  3. To integrate ageing people into the community, not isolate them.

Exceptional outcome 

The proposed integrated seniors’ living, and aged care facilities will provide a continuum of care and contemporary resident-centred environments connected with the communities they are located within. The Masterplan provides a blueprint for Life Care to meet future market demand with high-quality accommodation and service. While significant developments were proposed under planning legislation that encouraged significant developments in key areas, the projects were effectively blocked when the planning amendments were withdrawn.

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