The Sterling Silverstream later living and care development

Benchmark living part of the Sterling way

Where Canterbury, New Zealand
Value $300m
Client Lime Living
Solution Design


  • Benchmark later living and care project for New Zealand.
  • Seamless integration with existing community to remove boundaries and encourage interaction.
  • Five-star facility surrounded by open green spaces.
  • Integration of technology and best-practice dementia care models

Project objective 

The Sterling development is a significant part of Lime Living’s vision to set a new benchmark and deliver a new type of senior’s living and care product in the New Zealand market. This unique development will extend the wider Silverstream community as part of a diverse multi-age precinct. Distinctive precincts offering varying lifestyle living and care levels are orientated around large, open green spaces for resident amenity. The central communal facilities are planned to encourage community integration where intergenerational family connections can be fostered. This is more than providing a built form for seniors living; it is about changing people’s lives for the better through a unique lifestyle living offering.

Client challenge 

The challenge to delivering the client’s vision was providing a seamless interface with the wider Silverstream community whilst not competing with surrounding local amenities.

Life3A solution 

Shortcomings in the provision of local amenities were identified through market analysis undertaken by Life3A. Complementary facilities are incorporated into the later living precinct to encourage community integration, including a health and wellbeing amenities, medical hub, café, and child play facilities. Traditional physical barriers at the site-community interfaces have also been removed to blur the lines between public and private spaces and help remove visual boundaries associated with specific age groups. Private outdoor areas are defined through integrated soft and hard landscaping, with levels of security addressed through a vertical integration model whereby the communal facilities are located at ground level below care and independent living.

Exceptional outcome 

Life3A were able to present and implement new and innovative ideas as a trusted partner to Lime Living without being bound by traditional constraints and preconceived notions often associated with a larger, well-established operator. The result is retirement living in the heart of the community.

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