Waterbrook Bayview lifestyle development

Waterbrook Bayview lifestyle resort - a Northern Beaches haven

Where Bayview, Sydney, NSW, Australia
Value $80m
Client Waterbrook
Solution Design


  • Integrated lifestyle and later living within a golf course environ
  • Strong community support for the project

Project objective 

The objective was to utilise the golf course location to offer lifestyle living and well-being support for future residents on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

Client challenge 

The key design challenge was the development’s integration with nature, particularly the flora and fauna of the harbourside location, and a desire for a high-quality design that enabled the creation of an integral community within the tight-knit suburb.

Life3A solution 

The design uses a natural colour palette, local materials and features heavily landscaped areas to integrate with surroundings. In addition, the project offers a full suite of well-being support facilities, including related golf activities, hydrotherapy, sauna, spa and more.

Exceptional outcome 

Waterbrook Bayview is an outstanding integrated project within its setting and provides exceptional amenity within the private and communal spaces.

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