Zhuhai Hengqin Wellness and Lifestyle Community

Zhuhai Hengqin Wellness and Lifestyle Community

What Zhuhai Hengqin Wellness and Lifestyle Community
Client Confidential
Where Zhuhai, China
Value Confidential


  • New ageing development setting the benchmark for an emerging Chinese market.
  • Reinforces mixed-use later living lifestyle and wellness community.
  • This project was to develop a new typology integrating ageing into a new business district precinct.
  • Project delivering a new way of living for the elderly in China.
  • It’s a bold project for the client 
  • Targeting a new sector of the Chinese market
  • Integrated living into the precinct with retail area, hotel, commercial. Blurs the line between private and public areas.

The project delivered on the brief by integrating an ageing community into Zhuhai, one of the worlds dynamic cities. Targeted aging developments are evolving as a new type of accommodation in China, breaking away from tradition thinking.  This project demonstrates courage and forward thinking by delivering a project that will define aging accommodation in China and deliver new lifestyle options. This project integrates lifestyle and care options to allow ageing in place. 

Project objective 

Navigating both client and government expectations this project a new typology for later living, speciffically targeting the needs the needs of the residents and local community. Tailored for the Chinese market, this project integrates within the expanding business district and adjoining medical precinct. The project achieves wellness and lifestyle objectives whilst also sympathetically including care options.

Client challenge 

This vibrant development seamlessly integrates commercial activities with unprecedented wellness and lifestyle outcomes.

Life3A solution 

Life3A contributed to design and project strategy from the outset of the project. Integrating our design principles that deliver exceptional built form outcomes for the residents and community for the main priority throughout the design process. Working in conjunction with our Chinese partners the project successfully achieved approval from the local government.

Exceptional outcome 

Develop a new aging typology and later living precinct that will set the bar in China moving forward.

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