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Andrew Earwicker

Studio Director, Architect


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Why later living and care?

I believe that successful architecture is about designing for people and places, not buildings and spaces. Ultimately, it is the quality of people’s lives that we directly impact as designers of the built environment. As a highly creative, strategic and business-focused person, I endeavour to find uniqueness in every project.

Career highlight

I have always sought to develop good working relationships with clients based on honesty, modesty and respectfulness. In the short term, it provides for a progressive working environment, and in the long term, through trust and friendship, repeat business and a greater understanding of the design process and client aspiration. By developing an intimate understanding of how one particular client lived and wanted to live, I designed an award-winning residence in Australia.

Why Life3A

As designers, we should be passionate about creating environments and experiences that add genuine value to those who live in them. My passion for Life3A stems from a desire to design environments that enrich, support, and provide balance to people, particularly those moving into the latter years of their lives. These are the people who have nurtured, cared, taught and comforted us. I’m a firm believer in giving something back.