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Anne-Marie Nicholson

Principal, Architect


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Why later living and care?

I have a strong sense of duty and desire to make every project the best it can be for the clients we work with, the people who will live there and the communities we create. Designing later living solutions for people means that each decision can impact a person’s experience of their environment every single day of their lives. This is why I chose to design for people who have more needs than most, for whom it is crucial that the built environment enables, supports, and provides joy.

Career highlight

I was proud to return to a housing-with-care scheme that I had designed in 2008. I was moved to learn that a gentleman who had moved out of high-dependency residential care and into a new apartment had gradually become fully independent, able to take care of himself and even get to his local football ground to see his favourite team play. This transformation came about because the environment in which he was cared for was barrier-free, self-contained, stylish and his own.

Why Life3A

Joining Life3A in January 2021 meant I could focus 100% of my time on the sector that I have specialised in for 25 years. What excites me about Life3A is the culture of collaboration, research, and international learning. This gives me a larger platform to expand my knowledge and continue to influence the sector along with people who share my passion. In my previous role as a Senior Partner of a large architectural practice, I learned that to share my knowledge meant to grow in understanding, and I want to continue to do that for the benefit of our ageing societies around the world.