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Geoff Shaw

Principal and Studio Director


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Why later living and care?

We all have loved ones who are growing older and we want them to have the care and live with the dignity that they deserve. Our senior citizens will always play a vital role in all our lives. Their contribution to our communities is precious. Yet, the places we create and the way we care for older people is in dire need of new solutions that put them at the heart of the process. My passion for how design can influence and shape lives has led to a desire to use my skills and knowledge in delivering solutions in the later living sector that improve people's lives.

Career highlight

A resident of a new aged care development we designed said the best part of living there was that her family visited her more often. When they did visit, they stayed longer, including the grandchildren.

Why Life3A

Life3A will change people’s lives by providing global solutions to the complex and dynamic challenges of ageing. Partnering and collaborating with global experts in dementia and age-friendly design will seek to deliver projects and solutions that truly focus on residents’ needs and care. Together we can solve problems, create innovation, and improve people lives. Life3A and our partners can contribute to their lives through focused results around wellbeing and longevity.