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Louisa Chessher

Interior Designer


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Why later living and care?

Working in the later living sector is important to me as every decision myself and the team make has the potential to impact someone’s life positively. The spaces we design affect everyone. We all have grandparents or parents who might have to make use of these spaces, and for me it’s about designing beautiful areas that enhance everyone’s future comfort and independence. We’re able to give back to those who have given us everything.

Career highlight

I will never forget the moment I walked onto my first completed site. You can’t match the feeling you have when you can finally physically see a space you've only visited in your head before.

Why Life3A

The whole team are aligned in our approach to creating the perfect spaces that provide a sense of home for the end user. On top of that we have an exciting range of projects on the go – all at different design stages. It can be challenging but there’s never a dull moment!