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Paolo Salotto

Senior Associate Partner


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Why later living and care?

We need to go back to the origins of the family dynamic and create opportunities for families to spend more time with their senior relatives. Older people wish to remain in their homes for as long as they are able. Innovation solutions in design, research, and strategy that maximise the involvement of families in the lives of older people will help address this global challenge and celebrate life for all ages.

Career highlight

The Waterbrook Lifestyle Resorts have been a proudly successful experience in changing the quality of life for seniors through design. However, my career highlight lays in the next project: when we will be able to combine a better lifestyle for seniors with connection to their families.

Why Life3A

We have an opportunity to be at the nexus of change in supporting fulfilled lives for older people. We can reconnect the senior sector with residential living to encourage integration with their families rather than separation. Life3A has the opportunity to balance the varieties of needs and offerings of modern family living with the needs and offerings of seniors. Life3A is at the heart of this broad social integration.