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Peter Sinn

Senior Associate


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Why later living and care?

Our senior citizens will always play a vital role in all our lives. Their contribution to our communities is precious, and age should not be a barrier to their participation in the community. Beyond the broad challenge of ageing, we also have the responsibility to respond in culturally appropriate ways and ensure our solutions cater for the diversity of cultures and preserve heritage. Developing the next generation of later living with culturally specific care models that provide dignity and quality of life for older people is particularly important for my family and me.

Career highlight

The Vaucluse Aged Care and Seniors Living development in Sydney incorporated residential aged care and seniors living alongside a retail and lifestyle plaza. This became a community hub the residents are connected to the community through lifestyle amenities that are appealing to all. It created inclusion, safety, and connection, which are vital elements of supporting older people to live their best lives.

Why Life3A

Life3A can contribute to the betterment of ageing and through solutions that connect people with the community, which contributes to their sense of worth and values their knowledge and experience. Different cultures require unique responses. With Life3A’s global perspective, we can address how ageing, cultural heritage, and the traditional family care model can be incorporated in diverse, inclusive, and empowering solutions.