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Roberto Garcia



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Why later living and care?

I was always interested in how the built environment impacts our life, from the urban and social scale to the home and individual. I am convinced that a positive impact on society needs to come from a commercial approach to later living and aged care. This approach addresses the majority of needs, rather than unrealistic or design-only proposals, which, although always exciting and welcome, have a limited impact on people’s lives.

Career highlight

Visiting our benchmark project in Vaucluse a few months after its inauguration, we saw that the neighbourhood weekend street market, a local social event, had moved its location to the new public piazza within the development. Most of the residents were involved in it. Our main goals always include integrating communities into the environments we design, but experiencing its success in reactivating the area and including seniors at the heart of the community life was a fulfilling outcome.

Why Life3A

Life3A’s clear vision about improving the lives of older people is connected to why I became an architect: to improve people’s lives through the built environment. Our understanding of the sector through experience and continuous research and our strong belief in prioritising our client’s needs is the perfect approach for our goal of changing people’s lives to succeed.