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Rulla Asmar



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Why later living and care?

I decided to be an architect at age 14. As a young teenager, I immersed myself in architecture and questioned the psychology of all environments and the impact of design on people. My philosophy is about designing for the community, which is why I am proud to be part of a team dedicated to helping people as they grow older.

Career highlight

I met a 92-year-old resident who was an artist. We sat down to chat about refurbishing the bedroom, and she had told me that she was happy already with the changes she made to her room so she could continue painting. I decided we would make no change to her room, and she was so relieved she gave me one her of paintings. Sometimes it’s not about design; it’s about listening.

Why Life3A

With our diverse team, we can offer our clients multiple skills and leadership in designing for people regardless of age. With our clients, we will lead the charge through collaboration, innovation, and courage so that people can live in environments and communities where they feel integrated, valued, and with purpose.