Our People

Shahida Shahimi


Kuala Lumpur

Why later living and care

Later living is a lifestyle statement, a world far removed from the nursing homes of yesteryear, where older people went because they could no longer stay in their own homes and their children couldn’t look after them. Later living is a lifestyle where people can age as part of a community and continue to thrive. People retire from work, but they don’t retire from life. I am passionate about overturning the stigma associated with how we care for older people and provide later living options.

Career highlight

In my early career, I was involved in the construction of two separate 60-storey, mixed commercial and residential towers in Kuala Lumpur, from groundbreaking to topping out. This is where I discovered my love for problem solving and construction. Seeing them permanently in the city skyline is a constant reminder of the value of perseverance and hard work, and why I do what I do.

Why Life3A

Life3A is a global initiative that will provide a holistic solution to enrich the lives of the later living community. Being part of Life3A gives me the opportunity to get involved in a new realm of work that is closer to my passion and beliefs. Finding joy in what I do is important to me.