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Siddharth Mansukhani


Kuala Lumpur

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Why later living and care?

As an Architect, I can explore and expand my passion for creative thinking, project management, constructive communication and working closely with people. As one of our firm’s longest-serving members at 13 years and counting, I am a strong advocator of exceptional process and delivery and the pursuit of continued learning. Later living and care is a chance to be a part of changing lives.

Career highlight

After a few years as a graduate, I was allowed to relocate to China and set up the firm’s first office in Asia. With an almost vertical learning curve, including operating in a completely new language, I discovered that the most effective way for an individual to grow was to be challenged outside their comfort zone. This was the most pivotal moment of my career to date as it set me on a path to learn new skills, gain new levels of experience and ultimately grow professionally and personally.

Why Life3A

When it comes to addressing challenges driven by an ageing population, it is clear that Asia is soon reaching the point of no return. Life3A, being the first group of its kind in Asia, will draw on our global team of passionate people focused on providing real solutions to these challenges. Being a member of Life3A is my chance to be part of an initiative that will change lives for the better.