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Stewart Dean

Principal, Architect


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Why later living and care?

Moving to Australia was a massive part of my development as an architect where my work has focused on the later living market. The opportunity to take these learnings to the UK and challenge the market here is tremendously exciting. I am also motivated by listening and learning from the elderly in our society as they have so much to offer and impart.

Career highlight

The Watermark projects in Australia are a example of developing the concept and working closely on developing and delivering a really exciting outcome for the residents. I am motivated by working with inspiring people, who want to make an impact with their careers for the improvement of others.

Why Life3A

Specialising in later living and nothing else positions us to focus on our clients’ needs and challenges. Ultimately, we want to improve the lives of the elderly. This is what motivates and inspires me to push harder to achieve the goal and to continuously challenge the status quo.