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Tieran Kimber



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Why later living and care?

Ultimately my work is all about people. I combine the creativity of architecture with a keen sense of social responsibility and people-focused design. I see the opportunities in improving how later living works in our society as fundamental to creating better communities generally. The demographic challenges in the near future will only be met with creative and dynamic thinking. If we approach this with a community focus, we will all benefit.

Career highlight

My highlight is when I walk through a completed building after it is occupied and engage anonymously with the occupants. My work in aged care has given me priceless moments with residents who communicate the positive impact moving into a new care environment has had on them. This has highlighted that considered design can change people’s lives and empower them to live to the best of their ability.

Why Life3A

Life3A will look at the solutions for later living from the end user’s perspective. The detail of day-to-day living is fundamental to this success. We will approach all solutions with empathy and understanding to create an enabling and life-filled environment. We need to draw many components together to ensure the challenges of an ageing population. The solution will not just be an operational one or an architectural one. We need to develop strategies that cover many areas including finance, product development, architecture, operations, demographic research, clinical care requirements to name just a few. Having a team that can enable the creation of a holistic strategy is critical. Life3A is well placed to create exceptional integrated living environments.