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Tom Babington

Graphic Designer


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Why later living and care?

Over the past year I have spent some time with my Grandmother, putting together a book filled with her memories and life stories. Taking part in this experience and hearing about her life has really driven home to me the importance of listening to and valuing older people. Being part of a movement that is improving the lives of older people and including them in wider conversations is something I am proud to be involved with.

Career highlight

A few years ago I made the decision to step away from the subject and career I studied at University to become a Graphic Designer. Following my gut instinct and passion has opened many doors for me, and confirmed to me that I should always listen to myself, have courage that I’m doing the right thing and stay positive.

Why Life3A

It’s hugely motivating to be part of a team with such drive, passion, and wide array of skills. As well as being inspired by the people around me, Life3A’s mission to improve people’s lives, ensuring older people get the best care and attention possible, leaves me happy in the knowledge that the work we are doing is meaningful, and greatly enriches the experiences of older people.