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Vaishali Karia

Interior Designer


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Why later living and care?

There is nothing more rewarding than designing a beautiful space where the older generation can grow old in. Knowing that they can move about comfortably and safely without risk gives a peace of mind to not only them but their families too.

Career highlight

Having spent nearly 6 years in the later living sector, each post occupancy survey on site after completion is so rewarding. Visiting these spaces and seeing people in their new homes feeling happy and connected and making new friendships is amazing.

Why Life3A

Life3A solely focuses on giving something back to the older generation, these are the people who have raised and taught us and they deserve nothing less than a stylish yet safe home. Creating communities within these spaces is the most rewarding aspect of design and through research and design we can create these places our parents, grandparents and one day us, can call home.